Make The Choice

No matter who you are, or what you may have done in your past, you can make the choice to change from this moment on. Your troubles may follow you, your situation may stay the same, but your mind, your conscience, your true self can be revived. Some people see no point in change, but I see every positive change as a positive shift in not only your karma, but the universe. You may inspire someone else to improve. You may start to be kinder and therefore have an impact on a person’s life that you may have never made. You can choose, in this moment, to love your soul more than anything you have ever loved. True confidence, empty of all arrogance, is such a beneficial part of your character. There will always be people that are smarter, more attractive, more popular, but there will never be another you. You never know what day may be your last, but I do not believe in just doing whatever you want to whoever you want without a care. I think each day is so precious that you should fill every second with as much love, loyalty, respect and kindness that you can. We all get angry, annoyed, jealous, etc, but we can all choose to lessen these negative feelings by retraining our minds in a way. For each negative thought you have, try adding a positive thought. Each day may not be the best, but each breath you take is. Be your biggest supporter.